Week Commencing 17th February 2020 Getting the job done!

We currently have five main projects underway this week.  Storm Dennis has affected the progress of some of the outdoor work.  But elsewhere our projects are fully underway.


The job underway is a sunroom and balcony above. From last week all electricals, radiators, plaster board, plaster and patio doors installed.  The slabs outside will be finished for next week.  The next step at this project is for the walls to be sanded, sealed and painted.  Our boys will conduct a general clean up, skip removed and the driveway washed.


This project is a strip out, in order to get the existing building refurbished and to build an extension to the left of the existing building.  The extension will be a double garage downstairs and a bedroom above it.  This week we put in a new temporary road, in order for materials to be delivered to the project.  Storm Ciara earlier in the week restricted us putting the kit up.  However, our boys were able to get the last chimney down.  We are currently, stripping out upstairs and de-nailing all the joists.  Our electrician started wiring the existing house.  The next step, weather permitting, the kit will be up and our bricklayers will be starting in the new kitchen.


This project is a brand new build and a new car park for 40 cars.  Last week the car park was completed and now in operation. This week our bricklayer started on the boundary wall.  The electrician carried out the first fix for the electrics.  The plumber started running the pipes for the first fix.  The ventilation contractors started installing the ventilation.  We are awaiting roof sheets arriving to make the upstairs water tight. The next step at this project is once sheets arrive and the roof is water tight, the floors will be fitted and the partition studs up.

Once the weather has changed, grass will be laid on this ground


This project is refurbishment work to an existing dentist.  This week the first dentist room was finished. In order to finish the room, we installed new vinyl floor, all new units, worktops, all walls plaster, painted and rewiring.  We are now working on the second dentist room.  The next step is to finish the second room in order to get it ready for the electric dentist chair.  

The new electric dentist chair was in the process of being assembled.


This project is a complete renovation, including new floors, walls with insulation, ceiling and re-wiring.  The first week we ripped out the existing building inside.  Currently, we are starting to lay the new floors and erect timber stud walls with insulation.  The next step at the project is re-sheeting the whole place.

Keep an eye on our weekly updates of our current projects.  If you are interested in any of the above building work or simply anything else, we would be happy to discuss with you further.  Please phone our office on 01236 441113 where we would be happy to assist you.  We provide free estimates.

Have a good week!

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