Week Commencing 24th February 2020 Getting the job done!

We currently have five main projects underway this week.  The weather is much better today.  We hope the rain stays away.  Regardless the weather our boys are hard at work.


The job underway is a sunroom and balcony above.  From last week the sunroom is finished.  Our customer is currently decorating the sunroom to use as a dining room.  The fence is back up.  We have now started the garage conversion at this project.  We took the garage door off, dug out the foundation and built a new dwarf wall up to floor level.  The photos of the garage conversion convey the progress within the last 24 hours.  The timber kit is now up at the front and two new windows fitted.  

The next step at this project is to for the inside floor to ba gitted.  We will put insulation down then treated chip board flooring.  We will re-wire the full garage, new kit all around the perimeter walls with kingspan and finish with plaster board.  


This project is a strip out, in order to get the existing building refurbished and to build an extension to the left of the existing building.  The extension will be a double garage downstairs and a bedroom above it.   This week we started taking off the existing roof and rosemary tiles.  The brickwork and the kit was started.  We concreted the back solums.  

The next step at this project is for the brick layer to continue building, our boys stripping the rest of the roof and finishing the kit.


This project is a brand new build and a new car park for 40 cars.  This week the plumber was laying the pipes for radiators.  Our electrician started re-wiring.  Our joiners started laying the floors and sheeting the walls.  The brick layers are working outside on the retaining wall.  Our boys are currently working in the old existing building taking down load bearing walls.

The next step at this project is to get the roof on.  


This project is refurbishment work to an existing dentist.  This week the second dentist was finished.  The plasterer and painter finished.  The floor boy is still working on laying the non-slip vinyl.  We are currently building a new aluminium self contained consultancy room.   

The next step at this project is to finish the skirtings, flooring and trimmings around the aluminium self contained room.


This project is a complete renovation, including new floors, walls with insulation, ceiling and re-wiring.  This week the electrician was fitting the sockets and lights.  Our joiners are finishing off sheetings and fitting skirtings.  The plasterer started this week.  Our plumber started fitting the radiators.  

The next step at this project is to finish the plastering and start painting, as well as fitting the outside doors.

Keep an eye on our weekly updates of our current projects.  If you are interested in any of the above building work or simply anything else, we would be happy to discuss with you further.  Please phone our office on 01236 441113 where we would be happy to assist you.  We provide free estimates.

Have a good week!

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