Week Commencing 10th February 2020 Getting the job done!

We currently have four main projects underway this week.  Storm Ciara does not restrict us!


The job underway is a sunroom and balcony above.  This time last week there was only grass and in the space of a week the foundations have been dug out, concrete in, brick work up to floor level, concrete plat in, the structure formed, roof on and rough casted.  The next step at this project is for us to lay the floor, walls and doors to be fitted.


This project is a strip out, in order to get the existing building refurbished and to build an extension to the left of the existing building.  The extension will be a double garage downstairs and a bedroom above it.  Currently, we are stripping the property out in preparation for refurbishment.  The next step at this project is to get the kit  up and clearing all the ground.  


This project is a brand new build and a new car park for 40 cars.  Last week the car park was completed and now in operation.  This week we are preparing all the timber for the new build. Further  electrical work and plumbing work underway.  The next step at this project if for the floors, windows, ceilings, doors, fire alarm and rough casting to be underway.  At this stage in the process we would invite our customer to our showroom in Coatbridge to choose their doors and windows.


This project is refurbishment work to an existing dentist.  The last few weeks 2 dentist rooms and 1 consultancy rooms have been completed upstairs.  Downstairs we have built a new LDU room, reception, board room, kitchen and toilets.  This week all plaster, painting, electrical and plumbing wok has been underway.  This project will be finished within the next two weeks.

Keep an eye on our weekly updates of our current projects.  If you are interested in any of the above building work or simply anything else, we would be happy to discuss with you further.  Please phone our office on 01236 441113 where we would be happy to assist you.  We provide free estimates.

Have a good week!

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